BioSafe Plant Food Proves to Increase Plant Growth

Released 6/18/15

BioSafe Plant Food is a unique 10-4-3 fertilizer available to homeowners. This all-purpose fertilizer is made of seed extract and natural nutrients making it easy for the plant to metabolize. BioSafe Plant Food is a highly concentrated, liquid formula that is non-salt based, so users won’t burn plants. It can feed all plant types and plants won’t be affected by overfeeding like with synthetic fertilizers.

During an in-home trial over a four-week period, flower beds were treated with BioSafe Plant Food at 1 Tbsp. per 1 gallon of water. As you can see, the results showed significant growth and more blooms.

“We were very impressed by the amount of growth we have seen after using BioSafe Plant Food. Our impatiens were nearly dead at one point and I believe BioSafe Plant Food brought them back to life,” says Tammy Raymond of BioSafe Systems.

BioSafe Plant Food is available in a 36 fl. oz. Ready-to-Spray, 18 fl. oz. and 36 fl. oz. tip’n pour concentrate and 1-gallon concentrate.

For more information about BioSafe Plant Food, call BioSafe Systems at 888.273.3088.

About BioSafe Systems, LLC
BioSafe Systems, LLC has been a manufacturer and marketer of sustainable crop protection, water treatment and food safety solutions in the agrichemical segment. BioSafe also provides unique, sustainable and environmentally responsible chemistries into the horticultural, meat and poultry and retail segments. BioSafe is a family-owned company based in East Hartford, CT whose products are proudly manufactured in the United States of America.