The BioBuster: an Integrated Control and Monitoring System

The BioBuster is an integrated system that allows you to control and monitor a variety of chemical applications within a processing plant.

BioBuster’s PLC panel can control pumps, dosing equipment, control meters, probes, and valves. The built-in HDMI screen allows for easy user access. BioBuster’s pump system comes preassembled with metering pumps, associated piping, control valves, flow and measurement meters, all conveniently installed on a modular panel.

This proprietary system gives our customers complete control when using BioSafe Systems’ intervention chemistries in multiple points in a processing line. As an integrated system, BioBuster has multiple injection points to dose intervention chemistry, along with pH adjusters and other chemistries that may be required.

BioBuster can also be used with BioSafe Systems’ BioChamber Chiller Management System to automatically test chiller water for exact ppm levels of peroxyacetic acid. It provides real-time monitoring of all intervention points, and its cloud-based reporting capabilities allow our customers to generate large amounts of useful, operational data that can be easily formatted into reports and trend graphs.

BioSafe Systems offers a downloadable application that allows customers to have complete system control and monitoring capabilities on a mobile device. BioBuster provides benefits and savings like comprehensive data generating and reporting, and optimizing chemical dosing to increase both efficacy, and efficiency.


BioSafe Systems

BioSafe Systems Adds to Turf & Ornamentals Team

EAST HARTFORD CT – BioSafe Systems is excited to announce the hire of Maxwell Gilley. He started his career with BioSafe Systems on January 2, 2019 as the new Technical Sales Representative for Turf & Ornamentals in California.

Max grew up in Jefferson City, Missouri and attended the University of Missouri where he earned his B.S. degree in Plant Sciences with an emphasis in Turf Management. He then went on to Mississippi State where he received a M.S. degree in Plant Pathology.

Prior to joining BioSafe Systems, he worked for two years as a product development scientist. His expertise and education make him a great asset to our company and to our substantial California customer base.

Max Gilley can be reached at 408.279.9467 or

BioSafe Systems Promotes Eric Smith to Sales Manager

East Hartford, CT – BioSafe Systems is pleased to announce the promotion of Eric Smith to East Coast Sales Manager for Turf & Ornamental markets.

In the past two and a half years at BioSafe, Eric has successfully grown his territory, gained product knowledge and built strong relationships with our distribution networks. Eric will work with the team to promote and support sustainable solutions in turf and greenhouse/ nursery industries.

“Eric has been an integral part of our growth,” says Jeff Kline, Vice President of Sales. “I look forward to him leading the East Coast T&O team to new heights.” BioSafe is looking forward to working with him at his new capacity.


Eric Smith can be reached at 561.955.0315 or

Manage the Risk, Make Your Spray Bar SMART with BioSafe Systems

EAST HARTFORD, CT— BioSafe Systems® announces a new technology to monitor peroxyacetic acid (PAA) concentrations used in water for spray bar applications. Recently, we’ve started doing this by making our spray bars “smart.” The Smart Spray Bar utilizes a specialized probe that monitors the spray water for PAA concentrations and downloads the information into a data recorder.

This system is ideal to use with our SaniDate® line of products. It measures the amount of SaniDate being applied in parts per million (ppm), as well as the volume of water flowing through the spray bar. This allows for a high degree of compliance with food safety requirements under the Food Safety Modernization Act.

The Smart Spray Bar System can be configured with chemical proportioners or coupled with chemical metering pumps controlled by a PLC to maintain a set amount of PAA under high, organic loading conditions. This system can be handled wirelessly through cloud-based reporting. The integrated PLC can record a variety of parameters including: PAA ppm, time and date stamping, pH values, flow rates and more.


  • PLC control cabinet
  • PAA probe and assembly
  • Metering and proportioning dosing system
  • Real-time data recorder


Protect your yield in real time with BioSafe Systems.

For more information, please contact a technical representative at 888.273.3088.

Jeff Kline, of BioSafe Systems, Announced as Vice President of Sales

Jeff Kline headshot

EAST HARTFORD CT – BioSafe Systems is proud to announce the promotion of Jeff Kline from Market Segment Manager to Vice President of Sales for Agriculture and Professional Products. Jeff has been working with the company since early 2007.

“Jeff has been a valuable part of our business over the past ten years,” Rob Larose, CEO and President of BioSafe Systems says. “We are expecting him to help BioSafe Systems continue to grow in the next ten years.”

In this new role, he will be responsible for strategic planning and marketing. Jeff is excited to support BioSafe Systems with their mission of sustainable solutions across several markets. He has already been an integral part of ZeroTol® 2.0 broad-spectrum bactericide/fungicide’s success in the Horticulture industry.

“I am excited to work with our team and partners to continue providing high-quality products that protect our customer’s brand,” Jeff states. “I am honored to be a part of this great company and look forward to many more years of positive impact within our core markets.”

Sustainability: What Does It Mean?

Energy power

By: Rob Larose, President & CEO of BioSafe Systems

The term sustainability is used more and more but there is a multitude of different definitions and applications for this term in the horticultural industry. Sustainability is defined as the “avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.”

When I started BioSafe Systems over 20 years ago, the terms “green” and “sustainable” were not commonplace. If one was to try and categorize something in terms of being green back in the early 90’s, it was most likely either “organic” or a “crunchy,” meaning that you ate granola and were out to save the world.

The mainstream media have embraced the Green Movement, which seems to be an off-shoot of the ecology movement of the 1970’s and loosely attached to the political Green Party established in Germany. The green movement embraced the concept of helping to avert global warming, reduce waste, stop water pollution and help feed a hungry world.

Activists state that to slow global warming, we need to change our buying habits to only purchase so-called “earth-friendly products.”

Here at BioSafe, we have a very clear definition of what “Green and Sustainable” means to our company and how we use these principals to develop our products by.

Tenets of BioSafe Systems’ Sustainability

  1. Products we develop and sell will not leave any lasting chemical, botanical or microbial legacy behind. They must be as biodegradable as possible. Our activated peroxygen technology is a perfect example of hard-hitting, effective chemistry that biodegrades within 20 minutes of its application, releasing only oxygen, water and organic acids. Our organic certified AXXE® herbicide biodegrades within 24-hours after effectively burning down weeds. The goal is simple: to provide a product that does the job but leaves little, if any, trace that it was ever used.
  2. Whenever possible, our product will be listed as suitable for use in organic farming, growing or processing. This is our Gold Standard for being “green and sustainable.” Today, 90% of our products are meeting the standards of the National Organic Program administered by the USDA.
  3. Our manufacturing processes have a zero-waste goal. Currently, 99% of our manufacturing processes do not create ANY waste product. We not only manufacture products that are environmentally responsible, but we try to manufacture them responsibly too. Our purchasing department has the authority to buy less and pay more. We’ve set a goal to reduce the amount of paper we use corporate-wide by 50%.
  4. Reuse whenever possible. Due to the very nature of the products we develop and manufacture, many products can be re-purposed and re-manufactured. This means that if we have old inventory that has passed it’s expected lifespan, we simply re-manufacture the product and bring it back into proper specification.
  5. We try to reduce as much packaging as possible. There are many government regulations that dictate the use of various labeling and do not allow for use of biodegradable paper or containers.
  6. Continually search for alternative products that will meet our requirements, promote an enduring environment and leave no trace behind.
  7. Our manufacturing plants use as much electrical power as the average household.
  8. We have our products certified by an organization based in the Netherlands called “More Profitable Sustainability” (MPS), which manages sustainability certificates for the international flowers and ornamentals industry. Focusing on the environmental performance of the company can lower the environmental footprint and implement that sustainability goal.

Our effort here at BioSafe is an ongoing and developing culture of sustainability and one that is based on our endeavor to do the right thing. We only grow as fast and as far our company resources allow us to grow and we strive to run our company by the ten principals listed on our website.


BioSafe Systems to exhibit in new booth at IPPE 2019

EAST HARTFORD, CT – BioSafe Systems will once again be exhibiting at the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) 2019 on February 12-14, 2019 in Atlanta, GA but in a new location.

This year the company will be located at booth #10361 in Hall C which focuses on live poultry production, egg production, and processing which perfectly matches the solutions and services BioSafe Systems is known for in this industry. Find us here!

As one of the largest manufacturers of peroxyacetic acid in the nation, BioSafe Systems provides powerful and effective solutions for many different aspects of the poultry industry all while maintaining environmentally friendly practices and product production.


Sanitation/Disinfection • Water Treatment • Insect & Weed Control • PAA Production • OMRI

Contact one of our IPPE representatives to book an appointment during the show:

Dean Allen – Segment Manager, LA

Jeff Madewell – Services Manager, AR

Heidi Hudson – Technical Sales, TX

Will Varner – Technical Sales, NC

For questions about this press release please call 888.273.3088.

Food Safety: The BioSafe Way


Food scientists using the microscope for research at the university

By: Rob Larose, CEO & President of BioSafe Systems

“The best defense is a good offense“ goes the old adage. This strategy has been used in war, business, and in sporting competitions.

A modern social movement such as the “Green movement” started in the early 1800s and it celebrated the “natural world”. The forests were demolished when the Industrial Revolution began, and timber and coal were important for energy. Managing natural resources became important when humans realized they were destroying the irreplaceable wilderness. In the 20th century, nuclear fallouts and air pollution caused many industries to be alarmed.

It is time now to employ this same strategy in agricultural food safety and harvest practices today. With modern society movements from localized agriculture to modern day farming operations, we must assume that we’ll always be under potential risk by human pathogens which may infect our food chain.

A human pathogen can cause illness in humans and is comprised of microorganisms which exist in nature, including specific strains of bacteria like Salmonella, Listeria and E. coli, and viruses such as Cryptosporidium. These microorganisms can be introduced through a wide variety of methods such as insects, birds, and animal feces.

Recently, the produce industry was introduced to something that was unprecedented. Just before the 2018 Thanksgiving Holiday, the USDS/FDA stated that Federal health officials were warning about a new outbreak of E. coli linked to romaine lettuce and cautioned people to not eat any of the possibly infected produce. ALL Romaine lettuce was not to be eaten or sold regardless of its place of origin. This was not a recall but a flat-out statement not to eat romaine lettuce, regardless of where you thought it was grown.

This one event created a monumental effect, not only for people who grow and sell romaine lettuce, but also all leafy green vegetables and produce considered “ready-to-eat.”
A great deal of effort has been spent on creating systems that provide traceability to where produce is grown so that when there is an event triggering a recall, the damage can be limited to a specific geography. However, with the recent romaine shutdown by not only the USDA but also by the Canadian Federal government, it was a whole new ball game.

BioSafe Systems is in the business of providing effective and sustainable food safety and intervention solutions for the agriculture and produce industry. BioSafe develops these products that have proper labels for agriculture, have sound science backing their label claims and are easy to use with minimal restrictions.

We operate under the assumption that until mankind can develop technology able to identify human pathogens in real time like the scanner that Doctor McCoy used in Star Trek, then one must assume that ALL crops are potentially contaminated.

BioSafe’s products are based on the use of peroxyacetic acid technology that has been well studied and is an effective alternative to chlorinated products. These products have been approved for use for organically certified farming operations, FDA, and Kosher food processing applications. Applications include the following:

  • Agricultural irrigation treatment products
  • Agricultural pond treatment products
  • Pre-Harvest crop protection
  • Post-Harvest intervention products

BioSafe Systems also provides applications, dosing and monitoring systems that may be used along with our products to provide and maintain compliance with all FSMA and third-party Food Safety certifications. These include:

  • Smart Spray Bay Systems – These systems may be used in field harvesting and in post-harvest processing applications to apply, record, monitor, and provide reports on treatment interventions. These systems may be mounted on mechanical harvesters to bring highly engineered and effective food safety treatments into the field.
  • BioBuster Systems are designed for all multi-line packing and processing operations that require a high degree of chemical utilization, monitoring, and reporting. The proprietary cloud-based reporting system provides real-time reporting and compliance features.
  • OxyFusion: a proprietary technology that provides and produces peroxyacetic acid on-site and on-demand in varying pH ranges. This provides a unique solution for food processing applications with reduced corrosivity and low-odor.

There is no silver bullet approach to food safety, and it requires a full and ongoing effort that is always offensive and never defensive.