AXXE Broad Spectrum Herbicide is an organic, non-selective herbicide that provides rapid burn down to a variety of grasses and weeds within hours of application. The Ammonium Nonanoate in AXXE melts the cell structure within the plant causing weeds to collapse and die. This powerful herbicide is formulated to biodegrade quickly, leaving no harmful residue behind.

Does Not Volatilize
Rapid Burn Down, Results Within 24 Hours
Will Not Migrate Through Soil

No Residue; No Resistance Issues
Can Be Tank Mixed for Contact & Systemic Activity
***OMRI listed only for farmstead maintenance (ditches, borders and roads).


AXXE Broad Spectrum Herbicide is a soap product that penetrates the cell walls of plants. This will disrupt the cellular organization of physiological functions that are compartmentalized by membranes within the cell walls. Plant growth ceases when cellular contents are mixed, which causes brown necrotic plant tissue.

*OMRI listed only for farmstead maintenance (ditches, borders and roads). Not OMRI listed for herbicide-use in field.

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Amount of AXXE Broad Spectrum Herbicide for Percent V/V (Volume/Volume) Solution
Final Spray Volume (gallons)6%8%10%13%15%
18 fl. oz.10 fl. oz.13 fl. oz.1 pt.1.2 pt.
21 pt.1.3 pt.1.3 pt.2 pt.2.4 pt.
52.5 pt.3.3 pt.4 pt.5 pt.6 pt.
105 pt.6.5 pt.1 gal.1.3 gal.1.5 gal.
201.3 gal.1.6 gal.2 gal.2.6 gal.3.0 gal.

Height of Plants to be Controlled
1 inch or less
1 to 3 inches
Above 3 inches

Spray Solution (%V/V)
6 to 8%
8 to 10%
10 to 13%


Annual broadleaf

Perennial broadleaf

Grass Weeds