AXXE Broad Spectrum Herbicide is a non-selective, weed control for grasses and broadleaf weeds. It is formulated to deliver maximum performance and provide fast-acting results on a long list of weeds and grasses, as well as most mosses and lichens.

This product is an herbicidal soap product comprised of a form of ammoniated pelargonic salts. These salts penetrate the cell walls of plants, disrupting the cellular functions of the targeted weeds and killing them within hours of application.

Use AXXE Broad Spectrum Herbicide as a broadcast spray to control weeds prior to no-till planting or seedbed preparation. Spot sprays may be used in crops, ornamentals, pastures, and turf.

Labeled for field
and greenhouse applications
No toxic residuals (breaks down within a few days)
4-Hour REI
Non-selective weed control
Results visible within
a few hours
OMRI Listed


Vegetative Burndown
Broadcast spray for weed control for no-till planting or seedbed preparation to control weeds prior to seeding or transplanting. Spot sprays may be used in crops, ornamentals, pastures, and turf.

Directed and Shielded Sprays
Spray nozzel type or configuration for directed spray or a shield placed around the nozzle to prevent spray contact on the foliage or green stems or back. Use directed/shielded spray applications to the area between plastic mulch strips and staked crops for weed control.

Dormant or Post Harvest Spray
Apply after crops are harvested to kill weeds and residual green growth of the crop plants. Apply to dormant crops such as alfalfa or turf.

Sucker Control, Pruning, and Trimming
Direct spray to kill small tender basal suckers in crops such as brambles and fruit trees.

Desiccation and Harvest Aid
Apply only when crop is ready to harvest and green crop leaves or weeds interfere with harvest. Spray as a broadcast application over the crop and weeds for rapid desiccation of green plant growth to facilitate harvest. Apply as a harvest aid for cotton, potatoes, and other root, tuber, and bulb vegetables.

What are the active ingredients?
AXXE Broad Spectrum Herbicide is comprised of 40% Ammonium Nonanoate.

***OMRI listed only for farmstead maintenance (ditches, borders and roads). Not OMRI listed  as an herbicide for in field use.

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AXXE Broad Spectrum Herbicide is a soap product that penetrates the cell walls of plants. This will disrupt the cellular organization of physiological functions that are compartmentalized by membranes within the cell walls. Plant growth ceases when cellular contents are mixed, which causes brown necrotic plant tissue.