BioSafe Systems Hires New Controls Engineer

East Hartford, CT
– BioSafe Systems is pleased to announce the hire of Swaraj Lavande into the BioSafe Systems’ Engineering team. Swaraj is joining BioSafe Systems as the new Controls Engineer. Swaraj received his bachelor’s degree in Instrumentation & Controls Engineering from the University of Pune in Maharashtra, India. He came to the United States in the Fall of 2016 to pursue his Master’s in Electrical Engineering – Control Systems from Wayne State University. He graduated in 2018.

Prior to BioSafe Systems, Swaraj worked at Omaha Automation as a Controls Engineer – Weld Automation Engineer. While pursuing his master’s degree, he worked as a Controls Engineer Intern with ID Engineering & Automated Systems in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

“These experiences have enhanced my analytical and problem-solving skills and would prove beneficial to more innovative and progressive platforms.” Swaraj’s education and work experience make him a great addition to the BioSafe Systems team.

For more information, contact us toll-free at 888-273-3088.

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