BioSafe Systems Releases New Insecticide

EAST HARTFORD, CT – BioSafe Systems is excited to announce the release of BT NOW®, a water-based, liquid biological insecticide labeled to control various lepidoptera pests in a wide variety of crops. Its formula consists of bacillus thuringiensis ssp. kurstaki (Btk) strain EVB-113-19, a new variation of the Btk bacterium that targets the lepidoptera insect while remaining easy on many beneficials and pollinators. This specialized Btk strain makes BT NOW a highly effective resistance management tool that is compatible with many commonly used pesticides, fertilizers and adjuvants. BT NOW will strengthen traditional IPM programs, giving growers a reliable tool that delivers effective and consistent results with every spray.

Within hours following application, the effected young lepidoptera pests will cease feeding and will die from starvation 2-5 days after. BT NOW works by providing insecticidal endotoxins called, Cry toxins that disperse in the pest’s digestive tract. These toxins bind to the insect’s midgut receptors which immediately disrupts and paralyzes certain digestive functions. Damage to the crop’s surface caused by feeding is detrimental to the health of the crop. With BT NOW, feeding stops soon after application, ensuring the longevity of the crop under heavy lepidoptera pest pressure.

For information about BT NOW, contact BioSafe Systems at 888.273.3088 toll-free.

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