BioSafe Systems’ SaniDate 15.0 Now an EPA Registered Disinfectant

Already registered with the EPA as a sanitizer, SaniDate 15.0 is now also approved as a disinfectant.  SaniDate 15.0 is a high-level, broad-spectrum sanitizer specifically formulated and labelled to meet the sanitization needs of the poultry, livestock and food processing industries. Consisting of a stabilized blend of 15% peroxyacetic acid and 10% hydrogen peroxide, SaniDate 15.0 is a proven hard surface sanitizer for food and non–food contact surfaces against both pathogenic and non-pathogenic organisms in federally inspected meat, seafood and poultry processing facilities, egg production and packaging plants, poultry and livestock housing and hatchery rooms. Additionally, SaniDate 15.0 may be used for line cleaning for poultry and livestock watering operations.

BioSafe Systems is committed to providing farming and food processing operations with effective and sustainable sanitizers, disinfectants and disease-control solutions designed to meet strict industry standards while keeping with our vision of environmental responsibility.  To learn more about how SaniDate 15.0, please contact Russell Owings by email at or phone at 540.256.8426. You may also call BioSafe Systems toll free at 1.888.273.3088 or visit our webpage at


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