Chemigate with SaniDate

BioSafe Systems’ Nursery Chemigation Program

Chemical irrigation, or “chemigation,” is a method by which a treatment product, usually a fungicide or insecticide, is placed into an irrigation source for conveyance to the crop. Chemigation can occur through many types of irrigation systems; drip, overhead, mist and boom, to name a few. This process usually involves an injection device that doses the treatment product at various predetermined levels as the water flows through the system.

For nursery growers who suffer frequently with foliar pathogens, chemigation is a safe and cost-effective treatment method. By applying solutions through an irrigation system, you’re automating part of your IPM program. This results in decreased labor cost and less potential for mistakes during mixing/loading and application.

Low use rates and a 0-hour REI!

With very low use rates and a 0-hour REI, SaniDate is an ideal product for nursery chemigation. SaniDate chemigation’s blanket coverage kills bacteria, fungi, algae and more. Keeping inoculum levels low prevents a widespread disease outbreak that could devastate your crop. SaniDate’s PAA+ formulation adds vital dissolved oxygen to the water and leaves no residue behind, making it safe for plants, workers and the environment.

Applications Include:

  • Post-pruning treatments: stops bacteria from entering through new wounds

  • Overhead irrigation: stops spread of disease caused by splashing water

  • Algae issues: kills algae on floors, benches, etc.

  • Sanitizing areas prior to production: start clean, stay clean

Call us at 1-888-273-3088 to learn more about SaniDate chemigation and how it can fit into your production system. Alternatively, you can reach out to your local representative for more personalized assistance.