Complete the Mission

By: Rob Larose, President & CEO of BioSafe Systems

“Complete the mission” is one of my favorite sayings. I love to set a goal and complete it. Truth be told, my goals and missions are a lot less daunting than what others may set for themselves.

Some people want to climb Mt. Everest or graduate with a PhD in Molecular Physics from MIT. My missions tend to be a bit more subdued but of great importance. Sometimes, it begins with an idea to create a product and then, that idea morphs from a concept into a full-fledged effort – also known as BioSafe Systems.

Being a history buff has given me the opportunity to read many books on WWII and learn about the struggles often faced when trying to complete a mission. Lyle Bouke, a 21-year-old lieutenant in the Battle of the Bulge during WWII, was given an order to defend his men at all costs. The German army was lined up to march down the very road him and his 12 men were standing on. Although they ran out of ammunition and were all taken as prisoners, the end of the 24-hour battle resulted in an entire German Battalion defeated by 13 men.

Winter is a busy time for BioSafe: registrations are on the rise and our 30+ products need to be registered by December 31st of the year. If we have a one word off on our labels, the whole process must be restarted and done again. Just alone, the EPA registration process includes detailing the product formula, proposed label and data on the active ingredient. Our mission is to face road blocks head on and come out stronger on the other side.

When a product is FDA-approved, it has been tested and deemed safe for consumer use. At BioSafe, we assure our consumers that each product is certified effective. Being an EPA-registered product has served us well as a company. Our registrations team is always hard at work ensuring that the product should do what the label says and not pose a health hazard to the user. When I am frustrated with road blocks that the EPA and or FDS could potentially throw our way, I remember that I have a great team to back me up. I have the modern-day version of Lyle’s men.

They will always complete the mission with me.

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