Regenerative, clean chemistry is what we do.

For over 20-years, BioSafe Systems has been providing professionals with growing solutions un-reliant on harsh chemistries. Ever since our first ever product, ZeroTol, was introduced in 1998, we have perfected and diversified our chemistry to meet the ever-changing needs of modern sustainable growing.

From pre-plant to harvest, BioSafe Systems’ Hemp Program will enhance your crop’s vigor and yield, regardless of size or location. Utilizing our sustainable chemistry, our program will ensure the plant is properly treated at each stage of its life cycle, helping your crop reach its full genetic potential.

ZeroTol 2.0 container

ZeroTol®2.0 – Broad-Spectrum Bactericide/Fungicide

ZeroTol 2.0 is an innovative chemistry that gives growers the ability to reduce infestation on plant material. Killing pathogens such as Powdery Mildew, Botrytis and Pythium on contact, ZeroTol 2.0 is a versatile tool that keeps inoculum levels low throughout the program.

  • No residue chemistry

  • No mutational resistance

  • Minimal REI on foliar sprays

  • 0-day pre-harvest interval

  • MPS color code white

AzaGuard® – Foliar Insecticide/Nematicide

AzaGuard is a highly effective, broad-spectrum insecticide that controls over 300 insect species. AzaGuard can be applied as a foliar insecticide, drenched, chemigated and tank mixed or rotated with other modes of action.

  • Anti-feedant, insect growth regulator, ovi-position deterrent

  • Goes readily into solution

  • Soft on beneficials

  • Low cost per-acre

  • MPS color code white

AzaGuard container

SaniDate 5.0® – Post-Harvest Sanitizer/Disinfectant

SaniDate 5.0 is a versatile post-harvest sanitizer/disinfectant that is labeled to control human health pathogens such as E. coli, Salmonella, and Listeria. SaniDate 5.0 can be used on all hard surfaces and equipment in post-harvest operation.

  • No residue chemistry

    Requires no rinse

  • Safer alternative to chlorine

  • Contact kill of pathogens

  • Minimal REI

  • Versatile applications in growing operation*

    *Please contact BioSafe Systems for more information on application methods

TerraGrow® – Beneficial Soil Inoculant

TerraGrow is a 6-strain package of beneficial soil organisms, coupled with humic acid, soy and kelp proteins that is designed to improve soil characteristics, increase the plant’s stress tolerance and maximizes the crop’s vigor, growth and yield. When used concurrently with disease and pest control solutions, TerraGrow will fully maximize your plant’s genetic potential.

  • Diverse community of bacteria strains

  • Improves nutrient availability stimulating root development

  • Promotes plant’s Induced Systemic Response

  • Water soluble and easy to apply

  • MPS color code white

TerraGrow container

OxiPhos container

OxiPhos® – Broad-Spectrum Bactericide/Fungicide

OxiPhos is an EPA-registered broad-spectrum bactericide/fungicide that has a dual mode of action: systemic and contact. Its formula utilizes potassium phosphite to limit pathogen growth from the inside out as its hydrogen peroxide works in synergy as a surface contact kill bactericide, while improving plant absorption of potassium phosphite.

  • 4-hour REI on foliar sprays

  • 0-day pre-harvest interval

  • Tank-mix compatible

  • Low risk of resistance – FRAC Code P07

  • MPS color codes white and amber

BioCeres®WP – Biological Mycoinsecticide

BioCeres WP is an insect-pathogenic bioinsecticide that utilizes a proprietary fungus to eliminate numerous pests, including whiteflies, aphids and thrips. BioCeres WP is perfectly suited for IPM programs, tank-mixing or stand-alone use. When used in conjunction with AzaGuard, each stage of an insect’s life is targeted, resulting in complete and thorough pest protection.

  • 4-hour REI

  • No mutational resistance

  • 0-Day pre-harvest interval

  • Soft on beneficial insects

  • No phytotoxicity

BioCeres WP

*Please consult your states regulations for use of these products.

AXXE Broad Spectrum Herbicide® – Fast and Effective Weed Control

AXXE is a glyphosate-free, broad spectrum, worry-free herbicide designed to rapidly burn down weeds within hours of application without leaving a residue. Its biodegradable, non-selective chemistry kills a long list of grasses, broadleaf weeds, mosses and liverwort.