BioSafe Systems’ OxiDate 2.0 Now Labeled For Spray-Tank Water Treatment

Plant pathogenic microorganisms, fungi and other harmful bacteria can be found in water collected from open and closed sources that are used for spray-tanks such as ponds, ditches, canals and reservoirs. Using this water without a treatment step prior to mixing your spray solution, may often result in the spread of these harmful microorganisms over your crop – as systemic pesticides and nutrients will not have any effect on them within the spray tank solution.

Treating surface water gathered from open sources with OxiDate2.0 is a crucial step in crop protection and food safety by eliminating these pathogens; making your chemicals not only more efficacious, but also more cost-effective by concentrating the power of your pesticides on your crop…and not your tank water.

In addition to these cost savings, growers currently being mandated by their customers to pay for delivered potable water can realize great savings by simply treating the water they already have on the farm with OxiDate2.0.


Suggested Program

(Please speak to your BioSafe Representative or contact BioSafe Systems for a detailed walk-through of the program and its benefits. Always refer to the Specimen Label for rates and usage and Safety Data Sheet for safe handling instructions.

Add OxiDate 2.0 at a 1:300 – 1: 1,000 dilution rate (42.6 – 12.8 fl. oz. of OxiDate 2.0 per 100 Gallons of Water) to water in spray or mix tank.

Mix and allow a contact time of 3 -5 minutes before adding other pesticides to spray solution.


***NOTE: OxiDate 2.0 is not labelled for this use in California


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