New, ZeroTol HC is a broad-spectrum algaecide/bactericide/fungicide peroxyacetic formulated for the homeowner and hobby-grower*. It is a no residue sustainable chemistry that is proven to keep diseases such as Powdery Mildew, Botrytis and Pythium at bay. With no toxic residues and a 0-day pre-harvest interval, ZeroTol HC gives homeowners piece of mind as it is safe for people, pets and wildlife.

ZeroTol HC’s specialized chemical composition partners well with conventional and biological pest management practices already in use. As a no residue disinfectant, it can be followed by biological applications that protect plants through colonization.

  • Promotes stronger roots and stems

  • No residues

  • Kills disease on contact

  • Environmentally-responsible, sustainable chemistry

  • Can be used around people, animals, pets, birds and other wildlife

  • 0-day pre-harvest interval

Where Can ZeroTol HC Be Used?

  • Greenhouse/Ornamentals

    Home, hobby and small hydroponic growers can use ZeroTol HC to prevent/treat/control plant diseases on flowering plants, ornamentals, house plants, vegetable, berry and fruit plants. Additionally, it can be used to treat greenhouse surfaces and equipment, such as: glazing, plastic, pots, flats, trays, cutting tools, benches, work areas, walkways, floors, walls, fan blades, watering systems, coolers, storage rooms, structures and equipment.

  • Hydroponic/Aquaponic

    Not Approved in California
    Treat hydroponic and aquaponic systems to prevent/control plant rot diseases caused by waterborne and water transmitted pathogens.

  • Turf/Landscape

    Treat turf and well-established lawns.

Can ZeroTol HC be used preventively to protect ornamentals, trees, shrubs and lawns?

ZeroTol HC destroys pathogen cells, spores and germ tubes on contact, stopping disease progress immediately. ZeroTol HC safely disinfests plant tissue with minimal impact to the environment breaking down upon contact with disease organisms into water, oxygen and organic acid; providing a secondary benefit to your crop.


Downy Mildew, Powdery Mildew, Leaf Blight, Anthracnose, Botrytis*, Xanthomonas*, Rhizoctonia*, Leaf Spot* and Pseudomonas*.


Anthracnose, Brown Spot, Dollar Spot, Summer patch, Copper Spot*, Strip Smut*, Take-All Patch*, Leaf Spot*, Fusarium*, Fairy Ring*, Pink Snow Mold*, Pythium*, Phytophthora* and Rhizoctonia. *

*Not approved for use in California.

ZeroTol HC Application Rates

ZeroTol HC Application Rates
Foliar Spray25 mL/gallonApply at 5-7 day intervals. Spray for contact of entire shoot, leaves and stems down to media. Use 2 gallons of solution per 400 sq. ft.
Hydroponic/Aquaponic10 mL/50 gallonsUse higher label rate for established algae. Apply 1-time weekly.
Surface Treatment25 mL/gallonAllow to remain wet with solution for 1 minute.