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BioSafe Systems' Baseline Program

  • ZeroTol® 2.0
  • OxiPhos®
  • TerraGrow®

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Supplement current programs with BioSafe Systems for improved growing operations.

ZeroTol® 2.0

Kills plant pathogens on contact. With no known resistance, it strengthens traditional spray programs when used in a tank mix.

ZeroTol® 2.0
OxiPhos product shot

On contact and systemic activities control plant disease and indirectly triggers natural defense responses to strengthen crop health.

TerraGrow product shot

Provides beneficial organisms, humic and amino acids that increase nutrient and water uptake, improve soil quality and boost plant vigor.


Bacterial Leaf Spots

  • Common on Begonia, Geranium, Gerbera, Hibiscus, Poinsettia, Zinnia, Tomatoes etc.
  • Round, small, water-soaked lesions on leaves. Spots occasionally surrounded by a purple or yellow halo.
  • Bactericides such as those based on Copper and ZeroTol 2.0 may help reduce spread and can control disease completely.