Chemigate with SaniDate!

BioSafe Systems' Greenhouse and Nursery Chemigation Programs

Chemigation is the process of applying a chemical, such as pesticides or fertilizers, to the soil or plant surface with an irrigation system by injecting the chemical into the irrigation water. Chemigation can occur through many types of irrigation systems; drip, overhead, mist and boom, to name a few. This process usually involves an injection device, or proportioner, that doses the treatment product at adjustable ratios to ensure the proper rates are being delivered various predetermined levels as the water flows through the system.

Pink and red ornamental flowers in a large engineered glass greenhouse

Do you suffer frequently with foliar pathogens?

Chemigation is a safe and cost-effective treatment method. By applying solutions through an irrigation system, you’re automating part of your IPM program. This results in decreased labor cost and less potential for mistakes during mixing/loading and application, as compared to traditional spray or fog foliar applications.

Young tomato plants growing up strings in a large glass greenhouse

The Power of PAA+

SaniDate® 5.0 and SaniDate® 12.0 are powerful, yet safe to use, peroxyacetic acid (PAA+) based products labeled for chemigation applications to control algae, bacteria, fungi and water molds. The superior formulations of these products work by surface contact with the plants and materials being treated while leaving no residue behind, making it safe for plants, workers, and the environment.

SaniDate 5.0 and 12.0 containers

Oxidation is key

Our PAA formulation uses an oxidation chemical reaction to kill bacterial inoculum, fungal spores and more by reacting with the enzymes and proteins that make up simple cell organisms on contact. By keeping bacterial inoculum and fungal spore levels low, an operation manager can help prevent widespread disease throughout their greenhouse and nursery that could devastate a crop. Additionally, multiple applications can made with this product due to no mutational resistance, making it ideal for your integrated pest management program.

  • Post-Pruning Treatments Stop bacteria from entering through new wounds
  • Overhead Irrigation Stop the spread of disease caused by splashing water
  • Algae Management Kills algae on floors, benches, etc.