BioSafe Systems' Hemp Program

Regenerative, clean chemistry is what we do.

For over 20-years, BioSafe Systems has been providing professionals with growing solutions without using harsh chemistries. Ever since our first ever product, ZeroTol®, was introduced in 1998, we have perfected and diversified our chemistry to meet the ever-changing needs of modern sustainable growing.

From Pre-Plant to Harvest

BioSafe Systems’ Hemp Program will enhance your crop’s vigor and yield, regardless of size or location. Utilizing our sustainable chemistry, our program will ensure the plant is properly treated at each stage of its life cycle, helping your crop reach its full genetic potential.

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ZeroTol 2.0 product shot
ZeroTol® 2.0

ZeroTol 2.0* is a broad-spectrum bactericide/fungicide that works on contact to kill plant pathogens and their propagules, including spores.

ZeroTol® 2.0
AzaGuard product shot

AzaGuard is a 3% Azadirachtin formulated Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) that offers broad-spectrum insecticidal control on over 300 insect species.

SaniDate 5.0 product shot
SaniDate® 5.0

SaniDate 5.0 is a broad-spectrum sanitizer/disinfectant that controls plant and human-health pathogens.

SaniDate® 5.0
TerraGrow product shot

A powdered blend of scientifically selected beneficial bacterial and fungal spores to improve soil characteristics and plant stress tolerance.

OxiPhos product shot

OxiPhos is a bactericide/fungicide that works both systemically and on contact. Controls pythium, phytophthora, bacterial blights and downy mildew.

BioCeres WP product shot
BioCeres WP®

BioCeres WP is an insect-pathogenic bio-insecticide using the new Beauveria bassiana fungus.

BioCeres® WP


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BioSafe Systems takes pride in prompt and effective customer service. Phones are handled by real people and you receive real results with each call.

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Make applications easy with air-assisted foamers

The BioFoamer® operates on 40 — 70 PSI of compressed air and requires pre-mixed detergent solutions to create thick, long-lasting foam, ideal for use with ZeroTol® 2.0, SaniDate® 5.0, and OxiDate® 2.0. The BioFoamer unit will infuse these formulations into a thick foam, providing a visual cue for coverage and extended contact time.

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Clean Chemistry.
Clean Crops.

*Hemp applications not approved in the state of California. Cannabis and hemp are not legal in all areas, please check local laws and regulations. Not all products are labeled for use in all areas, please contact local area sales representatives to find the right solution for you.

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