BioSafe Systems'
White Mold Solutions

A powerful and fast-acting solution for white mold

Regardless of location or type of application, BioSafe Systems offers white mold solutions that control the fungus with visible results within a few days.

Closeup of a potato field in summer

Cost-Effective and Powerful Oxidation Chemistry

  • Fast, Effective and Consistent Results for Higher Yields
  • Visible Results Within a Few Days of Application
  • Superior PAA+ Technology Eradicates Fungal Cells and Their Spores
  • Exceptional Resistance Management with Broad Spectrum and On Contact Activity

Broad Spectrum Disease Control

Enhance your disease program with OxiDate 5.0 and SaniDate 12.0

Utilizing our broad spectrum and on contact PAA+ technology, both solutions are highly economical and versatile bactericide/fungicides that will eliminate a wide range of bacterial and fungal diseases.

OxiDate 5.0 product shot
Oxidate® 5.0

Application Methods: Foliar Spray, In-Furrow, and Aerial Application

OxiDate 5.0 is a “keystone” chemistry that is designed to strengthen spray programs by reducing disease pressure on a wide range of crops.

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SaniDate 12.0 product shot
SaniDate® 12.0

Application Methods: Chemigation

SaniDate 12.0 is a powerful microbicide that eliminates fungi, algae, bacteria and other plant-pathogenic organisms in irrigation water and irrigation systems.

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*Please see OxiDate 5.0 and SaniDate 12.0 labels for a full list of controlled diseases.