BioSafe Systems' White Mold Solutions

A powerful and fast-acting solution for white mold

Regardless of location or mode of application, BioSafe Systems offers white mold solutions that control the fungus with visible results within a few days after application.

  • Cost-effective
  • Powerful oxidation chemistry
  • Broad-spectrum disease control
Closeup of a potato field in summer

Cost-Effective and Powerful Oxidation Chemistry

  • Visible results within a few days of application
  • Protects blossoms from infection and burns off white mycelia on contact
  • Prevents further spread of infection
  • Fast and effective results equal higher yields

Broad Spectrum Disease Control

OxiDate 2.0 and SaniDate 12.0 control more than just white mold. Their broad-spectrum chemistry controls a wide range of bacterial and fungal diseases and their spores.

  • Per treated acre, BioSafe Systems’ chemistry can be up to 60% less than other white mold products.
  • Better results paired with OxiDate 2.0 and SaniDate 12.0’s low-cost per acre means more money in your pocket.
OxiDate 2.0 product shot
Oxidate 2.0

Application Methods: In-Furrow, Foliar Spray and Irrigation and via-aircraft

OxiDate 2.0 reduces fungal and bacterial pathogens for increased yields and reduced food safety risks in organic and conventional field and row crops.

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SaniDate 12.0 product shot
SaniDate 12.0

Application Methods: Overhead Irrigation and Chemigation

SaniDate 12.0 controls fungi, algae, bacteria and plant-pathogenic organisms. Formulated for overhead irrigation and chemigation applications.

Learn more about SaniDate® 12.0

*Please see OxiDate 2.0 and SaniDate 12.0 labels for a full list of controlled diseases.