Boxwood Blight Management

Boxwood blight, caused by Calonectria pseudonaviculata (synonyms Cylindrocladium pseudonaviculatum or C. buxicola), is a significant fungal disease affecting multiple species of boxwood across North America. Rain splash, overhead watering, and contaminated tools can all transmit boxwood blight to healthy shrubs. Boxwood blight spreads rapidly when conditions are warm, humid and shady.

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Pathogen Detection

Initial symptoms appear as dark or light brown spots or lesions on the leaves (Figure 1). These lesions often have dark borders. Spots enlarge and then coalesce. Infected leaves then turn brown or straw colored, so infected plants look blighted (Figure 2).

Photos courtesy of Dr. Sharon M. Douglas, The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station.

BioSafe Systems’ Management Program

Boxwood blight can be managed successfully through proper sanitation, crop protection, chemigation and rooting health. BioSafe Systems offers a complete and comprehensive management program to prevent and stop the spread of disease.

  • Sanitation - SaniDate 5.0
    Application Dilution Rate Rate Application Frequency Directions
    Hard Surfaces, Tools, Equipment, Benches, Foot Baths 1:100 1.28 fl. oz./gallon Use preventatively prior to and during crop production. Clean hard surfaces and thoroughly spray with solution. Let air dry. Spray or dip tools. For footbaths prepare fresh solution and replace as needed.
  • Crop Protection - ZeroTol 2.0
    Application Dilution Rate Rate Application Interval
    ZeroTol 2.0 + Chlorathalonil 1:300 0.43 fl. oz./gallon Week 1
    ZeroTol 2.0 1:300 1.28 fl. oz./gallon Week 2
    ZeroTol 2.0 + Tebuconazole 1:300 0.43 fl. oz./gallon Week 3
    ZeroTol 2.0 1:300 1.28 fl. oz./gallon Week 4
    ZeroTol 2.0 + Fludioxonil 1:300 0.43 fl. oz./gallon Week 5
  • Chemigation - SaniDate 12.0
    Product Dilution Rate Rate Application Interval
    SaniDate 12.0 1:1,000–1:5,000 128–25.6 fl. oz./1,000 gallons 1–2 times per week
  • Plant Health - TerraGrow
    Application Rate Application Interval
    Propagation 2 oz./100 gallons 3-4 week intervals
    Finish 4 oz./100 gallons 4 week intervals
SaniDate 5.0 product shot
SaniDate® 5.0

SaniDate 5.0 is a broad-spectrum sanitizer/disinfectant that controls plant and human-health pathogens. SaniDate 5.0 can be applied to hard surfaces, including food contact areas, and be used to disinfect irrigation lines and control biofilm, algae and bacteria.

SaniDate® 5.0
ZeroTol® 2.0

ZeroTol 2.0 is a broad-spectrum bactericide/fungicide that works on contact to kill plant pathogens and their propagules, including spores. Formulated with our powerful and stable peroxyacetic (PAA) chemistry, use ZeroTol 2.0 starting at propagation through production to protect all greenhouse and nursery crops, including fruits and vegetables.

ZeroTol® 2.0
SaniDate 12.0 product shot
SaniDate® 12.0

SaniDate 12.0 is a high-strength, 12% Peracetic Acid-based microbiocide formulated as an alternative to chlorine treatments in irrigation water. Use SaniDate 12.0 to control water-borne pathogens and their dormant spores caused by algae, bacteria and biofilm.

SaniDate® 12.0
TerraGrow product shot

A powdered blend of scientifically selected beneficial bacterial and fungal spores to improve soil characteristics and plant stress tolerance.