Unlike traditional methods, this on-site, on-demand generation system allows customers to dose the exact amount and chemical composition of PAA needed as dictated by their water quality – excluding inefficiencies. OxyFusion arrives pre-assembled as a turn-key solution; all that is needed is a water source, electricity, and stock solutions to generate PAA.

Hassle-free reports for routine audits

OxyFusion utilizes a cloud-based monitoring system that produces detailed reports for routine audits. Utilizing this technology, users can integrate appropriate amounts of PAA in real-time remotely via-mobile app or browser.

Reporting includes:

  • Historical data
  • PAA/pH levels
  • Chemical usage
  • Water usage

Effluent Disinfection

  • Generate PAA on-site and on-demand
  • Customizable; generate PAA to specific needs
  • Odorless
  • Less bulk water than standard PAA
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