Unlike traditional methods, this on-site, on-demand product allows customers to dose the exact amount and type of PAA needed for their application – no test strips or guesswork needed. OxyFusion and the BioChamber work in tandem to monitor PAA levels in real time. OxyFusion arrives pre-assembled as a turnkey solution; all that is needed is a water source, electricity, and stock solutions to generate PAA. The system can also be tied into a water line that feeds into a production point requiring disinfection/sanitation.

Poultry processing applications

The poultry industry is where BioSafe Systems’ history with PAA began so it is only appropriate that OxyFusion PAA started there too. Some more conventional chemistries like chlorine, bromine, chlorine dioxide, and standard PAA have characteristics that make them inadequate for various applications within poultry processing facilities. OxyFusion is fully customizable so every application is managed effectively and effortlessly. We are currently conducting trials with several poultry processing facilities and discovering how OxyFusion can alleviate current hurdles being faced in this industry.

Dip Tank Intervention

  • Produce PAA at exact ppm levels for their application
  • OxyFusion PAA can be generated as caustic or near neutral pH to mitigate odor issues
  • Can be dispensed into several dip tanks at once

Spray Bar Intervention

  • Utilizing caustic or neutral OxyFusion PAA eliminates off-gassing odors
  • Lower acidity PAA helps increase vapor pressure and keeps ppm levels in range

Picker-Scalder Intervention

  • PAA with customizable pH levels can help eliminate off-gassing issues
  • OxyFusion PAA can be generated at higher concentrations to effectively eliminate contamination associated with the removal of feathers and reduces cross-contamination further in the processing operation

On-Site Sanitation

  • Manufacture PAA with different ppm or pH levels for maximum effectiveness per application method or location
  • OxyFusion PAA is less corrosive to surfaces and produces less odor

Waste Water Treatments

  • PAA reacts with contamination through oxidation which helps speed up the break-down process, eliminating lingering odors as biological wastes decompose
  • PAA releases oxygen helping to reduce the BOD and COD in waste waters


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BioSafe Systems' BioChamber®

The BioChamber works in tandem OxyFusion to deliver the most accurate PAA ppm readings available in chiller processing waters. This proprietary technology mitigates issues associated with high pH, and high levels of fat, oils, and grease found in these environments. As BioChamber monitors PAA levels, OxyFusion can produce just the right amount of product to the user’s specifications.

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