SaniDate MDS

Also known as BioBuster in certain applications

The SaniDate MDS allows growers and postharvest processors to effortlessly monitor and maintain the exact amount of BioSafe Systems’ product required to treat irrigation and processing water systems. The MDS is an integral part of any food safety program and is compatible with SaniDate 12.0, SaniDate 5.0, StorOx 2.0, and OxiDate.

The system also provides a data recorder that plugs into the controller for full documentation of all operations. The controller’s software enables the information to easily be downloaded onto any commercially available laptop computer via a USB cable. The SaniDate MDS records the exact amount of product being used to provide complete documentation that will satisfy all food safety audit requirements, as well as documentation of the overall system operation.

  • PAA sensor and holder
  • Dosing pump — Controller
  • Data recorder with software