Manage the Risk — Make Your Spray Bar SMART

Smart Spray Bar System

BioSafe Systems has an innovative, new technology for monitoring peroxyacetic acid (PAA) concentrations used in water for spray bar applicators. Utilizing BioSafe Systems’ cloud-based Smart Technology, the Smart Spray Bar System measures a wide variety of data, including the amount of PAA and water being applied. Additionally, users can set specific parameters for spraying including PAA ppm, time and date stamping, pH values, flow rates and more. The Smart Spray Bar System works best with SaniDate 15.0 to treat both human and plant pathogens. Protect your yield in real time with BioSafe Systems’ Smart Spray Bar System!

BioSafe Systems SMART Technology
  • Special probe monitors spray water and downloads all information in a data recorder
  • Can be configured with chemical proportioners or chemical metering pumps to dose desired PAA concentration
  • Web-based reporting and wireless connectivity
Options Include
  • BioSafe Systems’ service team will help to install services and units
  • Web-based reporting and wireless connectivity
  • GPS location capability
  • Phone application used to monitor and adjust process param
Large soybean field on a beautiful and cloudless day

On Harvester Smart Spray Bar System

The BioSafe Smart Spray Bar and PLC may be mounted directly on a harvester to provide in-the-field chemical intervention and real-time data recording using BioSafe Systems’ powerful SaniDate line of peroxyacetic acid products.

Large soybean field on a beautiful and cloudless day

The Smart Spray Bar System is capable of recording in real-time the various data points for enhanced FSMA documentation

  • Recording of product being applied in parts per million (PPM)
  • Day and time stamp when the system is operating
  • Chemical tank levels
  • Flow rates
  • Ambient air temperature
  • pH of water being treated
  • GPS location of harvester in operation at all times
  • Remote monitoring and cloud-based reporting