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BioSafe Systems offers sustainable and effective solutions for lake and pond management. Instead of using copper, chlorine, or other harsh and sometimes toxic chemicals, BioSafe Systems’ algaecides use uniquely balanced, broad-spectrum chemistries designed to enhance water’s health, quality, and appearance.

Lake and Pond Solutions

BioSafe Systems appreciates the vitality a calm, clean and balanced waterbody brings to nature, a park, a community or your backyard. We strive to maintain beauty and balance for one of the world’s most essential and sublime natural resources.

BioSafe Systems offers a complete line of EPA-registered products, OMRI-Listed, sustainable and effective solutions for water treatments. Our products contain a liquid peroxyacetic acid or granular peroxide formula that selectively targets cyanobacteria and algae in lakes, ponds, and ornamental displays. BioSafe Systems’ products can balance pH and alkalinity, control pathogens, and control algae blooms to keep ornamental waters looking fresh without leaving any harmful residuals.

Calcis® product shot Calcis®

This highly concentrated calcium carbonate formula harnesses the benefits of natural limestone and improves water hardness, alkalinity, and buffering pH fluctuations, giving you ideal pond water quality. Calcis has proven its efficacy as a sustainable, liquid lime supplement.

GreenClean® Liquid 5.0 product shot GreenClean® Liquid 5.0

GreenClean Liquid 5.0 is a powerful, broad-spectrum, sustainable algaecide/bactericide that prevents and controls cyanobacteria and nuisance algae for fast-acting and long-lasting results you can see. Like all BioSafe Systems products, GreenClean Liquid 5.0 is reduced-risk chemistry that biodegrades completely.

GreenClean® Liquid 5.0
GreenClean® PRO product shot GreenClean® PRO

GreenCleanPRO is a fast-acting, integral part of any treatment plan for controlling filamentous and planktonic cyanobacteria and nuisance algae without any run-off concerns. It’s proven its worth by oxidizing pathogens that can grow by algae sites, maintaining irrigation system condition, and treating algae on tools, docks, boats, and other high-traffic areas.

GreenClean® PRO
GreenClean® Pond Block product shot GreenClean® Pond Block

When the muck starts to build up on the pond floors, the bacteria and enzymes in the GreenClean Pond Block will naturally break down undesirable organic debris and improve water clarity and the overall health of the pond ecosystem.

GreenClean® Pond Block
AXXE® Broad Spectrum Herbicide product shot AXXE® Broad Spectrum Herbicide

Organic, non-selective weed burndown solution approved for terrestrial use in natural areas and commercial landscaping. Axxe Broad Spectrum Herbicide can disseminate weeds and grasses around ponds and lakes for water access or aesthetic improvement. This post-emergence herbicide is effective on grasses, sedges, herbaceous and woody weeds.

AXXE® Broad Spectrum Herbicide
Calcis Chronicles—Chapter 5

A constructed wetland built to be a year-round sanctuary for waterfowl needed to include submerged aquatic vegetation to attract and feed the fowl annually. The original water sample showed pH levels too low to accommodate the vegetation, the Calcis application raised the alkalinity and balanced the water quality.

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