Manage the Risk, Make Your Spray Bar SMART with BioSafe Systems

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EAST HARTFORD, CT — BioSafe Systems announces a new technology to monitor peroxyacetic acid (PAA) concentrations used in water for spray bar applications. Recently, we’ve started doing this by making our spray bars “smart.” The Smart Spray Bar utilizes a specialized probe that monitors the spray water for PAA concentrations and downloads the information into a data recorder.

This system is ideal to use with our SaniDate® line of products. It measures the amount of SaniDate being applied in parts per million (ppm), as well as the volume of water flowing through the spray bar. This allows for a high degree of compliance with food safety requirements under the Food Safety Modernization Act.

The Smart Spray Bar System can be configured with chemical proportioners or coupled with chemical metering pumps controlled by a PLC to maintain a set amount of PAA under high, organic loading conditions. This system can be handled wirelessly through cloud-based reporting. The integrated PLC can record a variety of parameters including: PAA ppm, time and date stamping, pH values, flow rates and more.

Benefits of The Smart Spray Bar

  • PLC control cabinet
  • PAA probe and assembly
  • Metering and proportioning dosing system
  • Real-time data recorder
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At BioSafe Systems, we pride ourselves on being innovators of environmentally sustainable practices and products to protect crops, water, and people across North America. Since 1998, we have engaged with customers, researchers, and regulatory agencies to remain at the forefront of innovation and service while continuing our mission to provide simple, sustainable, and effective solutions.

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