BioSafe Systems’ Smart Technology – the Man Behind the Machine

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EAST HARTFORD, CT – BioSafe Systems’ Field Service Technician Lee Holland is the man many will meet after purchasing a new Smart Technology System. Working out of Yuma, Arizona, Lee Holland regularly conducts on-site consultations to help operations find the best solutions to meet their various needs. Lee also conducts routine maintenance and repairs on installed and serviceable Smart Technology Systems.

Lee Holland began his career installing and maintaining various cloud-reporting dispensing and cleaning machines at EcoLab. At BioSafe Systems, Lee brings over two decades worth of experience maintaining customer relationships, and servicing and installing this highly specialized technology.

BioSafe Systems’ Smart Technology consists of cloud-based monitoring, dosing and peroxyacetic acid (PAA) based solutions that allow users to integrate appropriate amounts of PAA through emitters and irrigation systems while accessing relevant data in real-time remotely via mobile app or browser. With several offerings applicable in a variety of industries, BioSafe Systems’ Smart Technology can be seamlessly integrated into an operation to streamline its processes and augmenting its productivity.

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About BioSafe Systems

At BioSafe Systems, we pride ourselves on being innovators of environmentally sustainable practices and products to protect crops, water, and people across North America. Since 1998, we have engaged with customers, researchers, and regulatory agencies to remain at the forefront of innovation and service while continuing our mission to provide simple, sustainable, and effective solutions.

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