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Written by Hannah Rouillard

The West Coast of the United States is an exceptionally unique region boasting geography that spans the entirety of weather and topographical spectrums. Up north, the Sierra Nevada mountain range displays some of the most picturesque vistas seen in North America and across the world. The snowpack accumulation on these peaks accounts for thirty percent of the state’s water supply as it melts and runs off the slopes. Further north, Washington State and Oregon are shaped by the Cascade Range, defining the climatic features on both the western and eastern sides of the mountains. Between the summits and the shore, all these different areas put high demands on water usage, and each unique environment is invested in how we treat water.

“I strongly believe in protecting water…for all life on this planet,” says BioSafe Systems’ Stan Heimburger, our Pacific Northwest representative in the company’s up-and-coming water treatment division. “My background in chemical engineering taught me that water is not only important for people, but also all living things whether animal, vegetable, or microscopic.” Even without a degree in chemical engineering, I know Stan is not wrong.

Technically, Stan is an independent consultant for BioSafe Systems. He is also President and CEO of his own water treatment operation, Heimburger & Company. His company serves the pulp & paper industry with tailored solutions for pulping, bleaching or brightening papermaking needs. They became well known for their work with hydrogen peroxide in these processes. Then as the digital age shifted communications from physical to virtual, the company adapted and began treating water; a natural segue to an alliance with BioSafe Systems.

Stan is working a zone defense in Idaho, Montana, Northern California, Oregon and Washington State with eyes on growing towards Western Canadian provinces of Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. He’s endeavoring to provide all Pacific Northwest municipalities and industrial business customers the benefits of BioSafe Systems’ clean chemistry, low-environmental impact water treatment products and services. He says, “treatment is essential to protect aquaculture,” and in his region particularly he is absolutely right. In the 80s and 90s, while working in the pulp-and-paper industry Stan was utilizing one of PAA’s key components, hydrogen peroxide (H₂O₂) in the bleaching chemistry as a substitute for chlorine. Stan has been working with clients to help implement this new sustainable methodology to build up momentum in sustainable water treatment markets.

Stan advocates clients stay away from chlorine-based water treatment strategies because the by-products create known environmental and human carcinogens. He told me, “PAA manufactured by BioSafe Systems can be minimized to pre-treat municipal drinking water ahead of sanitation with a chlorine-containing chemical, lowering sanitation by-products in this water by up to 50%.”

Stan is committed to the sustainable treatment of all municipal waters to protect the various recreational activities we all relish. It’s Stan’s favorite thing about living in the Pacific Northwest, “the beautiful waters, mountains, and sunsets that we are able to enjoy while I do my work and enjoy my family time.” I’ve never been to Stan’s region of the country, but he describes Washington like it’s a long walk through an L.L. Bean ad, and I’m buying it.

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