Process Engineer Hired to Kick Off the New Year

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EAST HARTFORD, CT — Daniel Ostas is coming on board BioSafe Systems as we start the new year. Daniel will be taking a position as a Process Engineer and working on testing controllers and chemical dosing modules for quality assurance and performance. He will also be occasionally visiting customers for on-site, chemical application planning, and auditing our chemical blending facilities across the US and other duties in programming, assembly and testing.

Daniel Ostas is a Connecticut local who attended the University of Toledo to earn his Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering. His previous experience is built on honing lean manufacturing techniques, utilizing root cause analysis to eliminate repeat problems, and driving company growth through safety, quality, and production initiatives.

Daniel’s extensive experience in specialty manufacturing fields will come in handy as BioSafe Systems launches three new products in 2021 and begins operations in a new facility in Yuma, Arizona. Daniel and all our process engineers will be busy streamlining production and assuring quality for our product users.

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