A New Design Engineer to start with BioSafe Systems

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EAST HARTFORD, CT — A new Design Engineer, Bill Clark, is joining us at the BioSafe Systems East Hartford headquarters starting in November. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Manufacturing Engineering from Central Connecticut State University with a specific focus on CAD (computer-aided design). He also specialized in PLC programming and proved his comprehensive understanding of programmable logic controller (PLC) when he published a paper on the topic.

Bringing someone like Bill on is incredibly useful, especially with his knowledge of these popular and innovative engineering technologies. PLC is the program BioSafe Systems uses in its Smart Technology and OxyFusion dosing system. The programming allows our dosing mechanisms to monitor peroxyacetic acid (PAA) levels in wastewater, produce wash water, and in-field spray applications. The program allows users to adjust levels remotely and collect and store data for the most accessible transparency.

We’re looking forward to a productive future with Bill contributing his knowledge to BioSafe Systems’ engineering and technology pursuits. He stated, “I’m excited to be entering a job field more suited to my education and start a new career path with BioSafe Systems with their engineering team.”

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