BioSafe Systems Soaks Up Another Educated Irrigation Technician

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EAST HARTFORD, CT — Born and raised in California, John Tamayo connected with BioSafe Systems in September and is putting his education and skills to work as a new irrigation technician. We eagerly anticipate growing John’s knowledge about the innovations in sustainable irrigation technology and are excited about his participation in advancing the BioSafe Systems mission.

John previously interned with the USDA at the University of California; the school is a leader in the development of agriculture protocol for organic farming practices. The USDA, United States Department of Agriculture, is the federal agency that directs programs and policies related to American farming, food quality and nutrition. Experience with this agency and this university offer an important understanding of the federal protocols across all segments of agribusiness. John helped set up and maintain science projects and irrigation research, honing skills he’ll put to use with BioSafe Systems.

John engaged in agriculture in a new way during his internship. Earning his degree at the University of Arizona, Yuma, John is majoring in Agriculture Systems Management. This program further equips John for his career, expanding knowledge of integration and application of agricultural, bio-systems engineering technology, biological sciences and business.

He is excited and looking forward to both meet and work with everyone at BioSafe Systems, we welcome him with mirrored sentiments.

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