BioMat: Your First Step in Sanitation

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So much consideration goes into sanitizing a growing or processing facility. Professionals are serious about protecting their business from a damaging infection by keeping their equipment and premises in pristine condition. There are many critical points frequently overlooked or underestimated. Placing a BioMat™ at every threshold will limit cross-contamination.

It’s common knowledge that algae, mold, and bacteria breed in dark and damp places like drains, refrigerated storages, irrigation water lines, and all those areas can be treated with the proper cleaning regiment. But aside from the dark and dingy danger zones, employees can carry contaminants into a facility on their shoes without thinking. Implementing a simple step in sanitation at each entryway to prevent cross-contamination can save time and money later. BioMats are soaked with SaniDate 5.0 solution that is an effective, on-contact sanitizer/disinfectant for employees’ footwear that won’t track toxic chemicals around afterward.

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BioSafe Systems, LLC has been a manufacturer and marketer of sustainable crop protection, water treatment and food safety solutions since 1998. BioSafe Systems also provides unique, sustainable and environmentally responsible chemistries into the agricultural, horticultural, sanitation and retail segments. BioSafe Systems is a family-owned company based in East Hartford, CT whose products are proudly manufactured in the United States of America.

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