New Label Additions to BioCeres® WP

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EAST HARTFORD, CT – BioSafe Systems announces EPA-registered label addition for BioCeres WP for control of white flies, aphids, thrips and plant bugs on hemp, coffee, mushroom, sugar cane and tobacco.*

BioCeres WP is a Beauveria bassiana (ANT-03 strain) bioinsecticide labeled to control target pest populations on a wide variety of crops. Upon application, the Beauveria bassiana fungus adheres to the insect’s cuticle (outer shell), which infects the host and causes death. BioCeres WP is OMRI Listed and has no-known resistance, making it a highly versatile solution that is perfect for IPM programs, as well as specific stand-alone use.

BioCeres WP will be a much-needed tool for hemp growers nationwide as it stands out as a notable solution with many benefits particularly useful for in-field applications. The conidia (spores) of BioCeres WP’s active ingredient are large, increasing its virulence and resilience. Coupled with the addition of UV inhibitors, BioCeres WP lasts longer in the environment, increasing performance for pest control in outdoor grows.

*Label additions are not approved for use in California. Please refer to label for approved crops, as well as application rates and instructions.

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