Toad River Farms is a family farm located in Perham, Minnesota; the land of 10,000 lakes. Homesteaded by their ancestors in 1875, Mark, Bob & Steve Dombeck along with Jeremy Lackowitzer and families grow a variety of crops, including kidney beans, corn, alfalfa and soybeans.

Toad River Farms uses BioSafe Systems’ sustainable chemistry to treat their crops and irrigation water. For white mold and bacterial blight control, the farm uses OxiDate® and SaniDate® to manage crop diseases, with the added benefit of no crop or environmental residues.

BioSafe 20th Anniversary

BioSafe Systems’ vision is an unwavering commitment to improving environmental health for future generations by balancing the needs of our customers with the universal sustainability requirements of protecting the land, air and water. We will achieve our vision by innovative thinking, hard work and integrity.

Protect your crops, protect your water, and protect your operation’s future with BioSafe Systems products.
Can OxiDate 2.0 be tank mixed?

OxiDate 2.0 is a very good tank mix partner with conventional fertilizers, fungicides or bactericides, but always conduct a compatibility test of each combination. Make a test solution per manufacturer’s label in a jar, close the lid and shake or stir vigorously. Excessive bubbling and/or increased pressure are an indication of incompatibility. Learn more >

Where can I purchase BioSafe products?

Since our products can be found in so many industries, that’s not a simple answer. Our commercial products can be found in countless distributors across the world, but you can visit our where to buy page for a good start. We also have products that can be found in retail locations as well, and you might want to head over to our sister website biosafe.net to browse some of the products you might use around the home. Learn more >

There has been so much talk about pesticide toxicity and pollinators, are BioSafe products safe in the presence of Honeybees?

Safe is in our name, and we take sustainability very seriously. We are proud to say YES, our 2% PAA products have been proven safe to use around and are harmless to honeybees. Thanks for asking an important question! Learn more >

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“OxiDate has been our primary BioSafe Systems product. We have been using it for years. AzaGuard: we are currently comparing to other Azadirachtins on the market. The 3% formulation helps reduce product volume inventory.”

David PeriPeri and Sons - Yerington, NV

“Once we began to use OxiDate it was very convenient to add a fungicide or insecticide to our tank mixes in treating our fields of cucumbers, bell peppers and onions. We like using the BioSafe products because of the quick results. If disease is present, we can apply the OxiDate and feel confident that it eradicated the bacterial inoculums and fungal spores. OxiDate is very easy and convenient to tank mix with a residual chemistry. We can get rid of the disease now and then have a protectant with the residual.”

Greg RasmussenR.A. Rasmussen & Sons - Granger, WA

“Our favorite BioSafe product would be Insect Control. It’s effectiveness on such a wide variety of insects and the fact it can be used on indoor plants is a major selling point. The three applications provided makes it appealing for the customers also. Whether they are annuals and perennials or vegetables and fruits, BioSafe products provide the homeowner with a simple, yet understandable answer. The BioSafe Fruit & Vegetable Wash may be our next favorite item!”

Dave WilkinsManager, Revay’s Garden and Gift Shop - East Windsor, CT

“GreenCleanFX is our favorite product. We use it in our own water features and pottery fountains. We like it because it works better than any other product on the market. One of our biggest challenges has been finding a safe and effective product to remove string algae from pottery fountains. Competing products that are able to remove all of the string algae are either toxic or stain and damage our pottery.”

Ben HoffmanPurchaser, Pond Supplies of Ohio, Inc. - Uniontown, OH

“Our customers are looking for moss and mildew control products and what works best is BioSafe Mold & Mildew Control. It has a hose-end sprayer, so it’s ready to go; no mixing involved as with most others you do. It’s a quality product that cannot be bought at the chains and gives us independent garden centers a unique product to sell.”

Joe LaddVice president, R.A.L. Landscaping & Garden Center - Crown Point, IN

“The total and jumbo yield components were increased 6 and 24%, respectively, by treatment with TerraClean.”

Dr. Howard SchwartzCSU Trial