Peracetic Acid & Hydrogen Peroxide Test Strips

BioSafe Systems offers peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide test strips to instantly determine if your chemical program is within an effective range.

NamePPM RangeApplicationCompatible with Quantofix Relax Digital Test Reader
PAA Test Strips0-10-20-40-60-85-160Produce washing, crop protection, sanitationNo
Low-Range PAA Test Strips0-5-10-20-40-50Irrigation WaterNo
Quantofix High-Range PAA Test Strips50-100-200-300-400-500Food processing, curative foliar spray, disinfectionYes
Quantofix Low-Range PAA Test Strips0-5-10-20-30-50Postharvest wash waterYes
Hydrogen Peroxide Test Strips Low-Range0-3-10-30-100Hydrophonics, aquaphonics, irrigation waterNo
Hydrogen Peroxide Test Strips High-Range0-50-150-300-500-800-1000Hydrophonics, aquaphonics, irrigation waterNo

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