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Managing Beasties on Fall Mums

While my husband has assured me it's too early yet for pumpkin spice lattes or fall decorations, it's definitely not too early for nursery and greenhouse managers to think about chrysanthemum production. Hardy garden mum production is going on now for late summer and fall sales.

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EPA Adds a New Purpose to SaniDate® All Purpose Disinfectant: Kill Human Coronavirus

BioSafe Systems’ SaniDate All Purpose Disinfectant is now labeled to kill human coronavirus. It is categorized as “SaniDate 6%” on List N—the exclusive collection of disinfectants meeting specific criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2.

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California to Benefit from BT NOW®

BT NOW biological insecticide is now labeled to manage target lepidoptera larval infestations in California crops. BioSafe Systems’ BT NOW controls larvae by using a novel strain of the bacteria, Bacillus thuringiensis ssp. kurstaki (Btk) in a water-based, superior formula.

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BioSafe Systems Adds a Soil Treatment Specialist to Their Ranks

BioSafe Systems welcomes Ray Austin to the team, a soil treatment specialist based out of Florida. Ray comes with extensive experience as an agricultural consultant, and over twenty years as a commercial vegetable grower. With a B.S. degree in Business Management, he has worked as an agronomist with Redox chemical company, and as a master agronomy advisor for Winfield United.

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BioMat: Your First Step in Sanitation

So much consideration goes into sanitizing a growing or processing facility. Professionals are serious about protecting their business from a damaging infection by keeping their equipment and premises in pristine condition. There are many critical points frequently overlooked or underestimated. Placing a BioMat™ at every threshold will limit cross-contamination.

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