Our Commitment to Sustainability

Simply Sustainable. Always Effective.

This is not just a tagline, these are words that drive our business and our everyday decisions; throughout every level of our organization. We pride ourselves in supplying products that are environmentally sound and set us apart from the ever-growing negative paradigm of chemical manufacturers.

The idea is simple...

Sustainability is not the easiest of paths for products; the increased regulations, the additional testing and research and the added agencies involved in the certification process makes it a more difficult process, but we believe it is the right path and we’ve been doing it well before “sustainability” was a buzzword. It’s not a popularity contest, or a sales pitch; sustainability is a deliberate focus on conserving resources and preserving both economic and social values. Our history of commitment to sustainable practices makes us proud, but we’re also well prepared to continue as we look forward to the future.

BioSafe Systems’ products are certified sustainable by the world’s foremost authorities on organic practices, such as OMRI and MPS and a description of these agencies are below.

OMRI logo The standard in organic certification

OMRI supports organic integrity by developing clear information and guidance about materials, so that producers know which products are appropriate for organic operations. OMRI is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides an independent review of products, such as fertilizers, pest controls, livestock health care products, and numerous other inputs that are intended for use in certified organic production and processing.

Visit the Organic Materials Review Institute
MPS Sustainability logo MPS Certification

The MPS certification is more than just a certificate. It is a unique world standard and works as a benchmark in demonstrating to what extent our products are environmentally friendly. The MPS Certification is granted to assure our commitment to a minimal environmental burden.

Learn more about MPS-ECAS
Social responsibility and commitment to safety in manufacturing

BioSafe Systems not only manufactures products that are environmentally responsible, but we try to manufacture them in responsible ways as well. We understand that every choice that we make creates a footprint. We’ve also committed to using more technology and reducing the amount of paper we use corporate-wide by 50% over the next 3 years.

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