BioSafe Systems’ Ten Sustainability Initiatives

At BioSafe Systems we are proud of our sustainable products working with nature’s own ingredients to cultivate a cleaner environment for our growers. But we also know being responsible for the environment goes beyond our products; it’s about how we do business. BioSafe Systems has put sustainability at the forefront of its mindful business strategies. We adhere to a philosophy of taking only what you need and being considerate of how you use what the earth provides. BioSafe Systems is founded on principles of environmental consideration and has integrated sustainability into our story.

1) Air Quality

Clean air is a vital aspect of a healthy community where we are happy to work, live and grow. Efforts to minimize dust, particles and other pollutants in the air are important to maintain the health and well-being of employees, nearby communities and crops. Cleaner air can make for healthier soil, curtail airborne pathogens and contribute to the efficacy of BioSafe Systems’ crop protectant products. With manufacture and distribution centers nationwide BioSafe Systems made their products more accessible and mitigated the company’s carbon emissions by improved transportation management.

2) Crop Protection and Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

In any sustainable agricultural system, crop protection and pest management are paramount. BioSafe Systems develops and markets products using chemistry to kill pests on contact and our PAA products break down to water and air as the only byproducts. The majority are OMRI Listed and most are compatible with conventional products. We work harmoniously within many traditional management programs to lessen the need for harsher chemistry, provide resistance management benefits, and minimize residual concerns.

3) Economic Viability

BioSafe Systems’ economic viability is evident by its ingenuity. One of BioSafe Systems’ top ten principles is “Embracing change”. We consistently endeavor to find solutions for every challenge by identifying new services and markets, investing in new technologies, experimenting with new techniques and capitalizing on those innovations. We have a passion for working hard, embracing change, and creating value for customers constantly moving us forward in innovation, opportunity and encouraging sustainability.

4) Ecosystems and Biodiversity

We help growers create conditions to promote successful natural habitats, encouraging plants, animals and the healthy organisms surrounding them. BioSafe Systems’ crop protection products do not leave toxic residuals after eliminating harmful pathogens. In fact, some products are designed to integrate helpful bacteria back into a grower’s system over the course of a season.

5) Energy Management

Strategic manufacture and distribution locations across the country decrease BioSafe Systems’ carbon footprint via reduced and targeted transportation logistics. Each of BioSafe Systems’ production facilities have been designed to use no more energy than a typical small American business office.

6) Food Safety

BioSafe Systems is leading production in sustainable and organic certified food safety products. Our programs allow growers to produce healthy food and maintain a consistently safe operation from field to fork. BioSafe Systems helps growers replace products that contain chlorine, heavy metals, chlorides, phenols, formaldehydes and other toxic chemistry.

7) Social Accountability

BioSafe Systems is a family-owned company believing any successful operation, large or small, requires the hard work and dedication of its employees. The BioSafe Systems community extends beyond the workplace, past the field, and is about more than processing operations. Team members are encouraged to advocate for local charities and programs they admire. Many employees have spearheaded fundraising for causes they believe in with the full support of BioSafe Systems behind them, annually matching funds raised by team members. We are committed to creating a balance between professional life and home life; intent on creating effective products with family ethics and fostering positive engagement with our community.

8) Soil Management and Conservation

The health of a crop starts from the ground up. Soils do much more than move water and nutrients to crops and knowing your soil’s condition serves all other soil management decisions. BioSafe Systems’ Regenerative Soils Program encourages healthy growing to generate stronger, more robust crops. Each of BioSafe Systems’ products will benefit a long-term plan for clean growing and wont negatively impact the tilth of the soil.

9) Waste Reduction and Material Management

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The cost of waste isn’t limited to what occupies a landfill. It is negligent disposal of raw materials and gratuitous use of energy and water. Every product manufactured by BioSafe Systems can be recycled and remanufactured to the original specification. We strive to minimize packaging and only utilize materials that are easily recycled. Our manufacturing process produces zero waste.

10) Water Management

It should be a primary goal of sustainable companies not only to conserve water use but maintain the quality of water before and after it passes through fields, processing plants and manufacturers. BioSafe Systems uses sustainable chemistry to help supplant chlorine, heavy metals, and harmful micro-organisms in water systems. Our products are used to balance aquatic ecosystems, control invasive and toxic algae, remedy toxicity in reservoirs, irrigate crops without adulterating the soil, reduce pathogens in farmed animal drinking water, and effectively breaks down organic matter for wastewater treatment plants. Water that passes through BioSafe Systems manufacturing facilities is non-toxic and can be reintroduced to the environment without first being conditioned or passing through a run-off system.

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