What is peroxyacetic acid?

Peroxyacetic acid is a combination of two important and versatile compounds: hydrogen peroxide and acetic acid. The two chemicals combine to form a new compound, peroxyacetic acid. This is an equilibrium reaction where over a period of hours, peroxyacetic acid is formed in situ by assuming elements of both reagents to form the new compound.

peroxyacetic acid diagram
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BioSafe Systems manufactures our peroxyacetic acid products in three locations around the United States: Coldwater, MI; Cairo, Georgia; and Sparks, NV. These strategically located facilities allow us to better serve our diverse customers and their applications. Our manufacturing processes are state-of-the-art and designed to produce required PAA concentrations, pass rigorous QA/QC checks and fill any size container our customers may require.

Bulk Delivery

BioSafe Systems is capable of supplying and installing bulk tanks for our peroxyacetic acid products at your facility. In many cases, we can also deliver to your facilities in order to keep bulk storage tanks filled per your specifications. Our remote telemetry allows BioSafe Systems to monitor all bulk storage in real time, helping predict when the next delivery should be made.

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