BioSafe Systems' Equipment Opportunities

Our team of engineers and technical representatives specialize in adapting our knowledge of multiple industries to offer our customers the best solutions to exceed their expectations.

OxyFusion product shot OxyFusion® - On-Demand PAA Generation

Produce peroxyacetic acid on-site with neutral, caustic, or acidic pH values. Unlike traditional PAA use, this proprietary system eliminates off-gas odors and corrosivity concerns.

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Dosing, Monitoring, and Data Management

Providing enhanced process controls and data management, allowing instant access to wash line efficiency and productivity data, uniquely designed for use with BioSafe Systems' peroxyacetic acid chemistry.

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BioSafe bug logo with fog surrounding it Foaming, Fogging, and Humidification

Increase facility biosecurity by enhancing sanitation and foliar applications with foaming applicator, portable fogging, and humification systems.

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BioSafe Systems Smart Technology

BioSafe Systems Smart Technology are cloud-based monitoring, dosing and peroxyacetic acid (PAA) manufacturing solutions that produce detailed reports for routine audits. Utilizing advanced dosing and cloud computing technology*, users can integrate appropriate amounts of PAA through their emitters and irrigation systems while accessing all relevant data in real time remotely via mobile app or browser.

*Smart Technology Systems utilize PLC system to enable data storing and remote accessibility features.

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