Data Monitoring and Management

BioSafe Systems’ tools add convenience throughout the water treatment process. Our varying pieces of technical equipment work together to streamline productivity. We have the capability to automate dosing, system operation monitoring, and data-logging. Utilizing the BioSafe Systems Cloud, customers can access generated reports to illustrate efficiency, supply technical documentation for troubleshooting, and the system includes real-time dashboard updates.

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A rendering of our SaniDate MDS unit Monitoring & Dosing System (MDS)

Monitor, dose precise concentrations of chemistry, and monitor progress for diligent water treatment and traceable credibility.

Monitoring & Dosing System (MDS)
BioSafe Systems Continuous Dosing System Continuous Dosing System

Enable ultra-lean dilutions for accurate concentrations and consistent efficacy. This system eliminates manual dosing, cuts down human error, and increases worker safety.

Continuous Dosing System
Dosatron logo Dosatron Water Powered Dosing Systems

DOSATRON injectors are engineered to inject desired chemistry with accuracy and provide repeatable results with minimal maintenance, saving time and money.

Dosatron Water Powered Dosing Systems
Quantofix test strips with a peracetic acid diagram Peroxyacetic Acid & Hydrogen Peroxide Test Strips

Manually measure peroxyacetic acid or hydrogen peroxide and use the visual scale to determine ppm concentrations.

Peroxyacetic Acid & Hydrogen Peroxide Test Strips

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