Monitoring & Dosing System

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The MDS, monitoring and dosing system, allows users to effortlessly monitor and dose the exact chemistry required for effective water treatment systems. The MDS is an integral part of any food safety or regulatory program and is compatible with peroxyacetic acid (PAA).

The controller’s software enables the information to be easily downloaded from any computer by connecting a USB to the MDS data recording device. Our BioSafe Systems’ Cloud allows users, from either mobile device or computer, to access their equipment status, dosing information, and alarm history. The MDS records the amount of product being used to provide complete and precise documentation that will satisfy all food safety audit requirements as well as documentation of the overall system operation.

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MDS systems have three variations that expand sophistication as they progress from MDS Basic to MDS Premium to MDS Premier+. Each unit contains a flow meter and chemical injection; as you level up between units, probes, data logging, and cloud access is added as production grows when necessary.

 MDS BasicMDS PremiumMDS Premium+
Flow MeterYesYesYes
Metering PumpYesYesYes
HMI InterfaceYesYes
Data StorageYesYes
BioSafe Systems CloudYes

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