BioSafe Canada


AXXE Broad Spectrum Herbicide is a weed control solution for use in field, greenhouses and nurseries. AXXE is a non-selective, post-emergence herbicide for a long list of grasses and broadleaf weeds.

BioCeres G WP

BioCeres G WP is an insect-pathogenic bio-insecticide using the new Beauveria bassiana fungus. Approved for greenhouses and is perfectly suited in IPM programs, in a tank mix with other pesticides as well as specific, stand-alone use.

GC PRO® Oxidizer Treatment

Effectively and quickly reduce odors associated with hydrogen sulfide and other mercaptan volatile compounds found in wastewater.

GreenClean Acid Cleaner

GreenClean Acid Cleaner is a professional-strength, water-based formula of a special blend of mineral acids and wetting agents. GreenClean Acid Cleaner quickly removes biofilms, organic deposits, calcium and other hard minerals. GreenClean Acid Cleaner sanitizes and disinfects most hard surfaces and equipment without fuming or foaming.

GreenClean Alkaline Cleaner

GreenClean Alkaline Cleaner is a professional strength, water-based formula that quickly lifts away and emulsifies greases and oils allowing for easy removal. GreenClean Alkaline Cleaner is safe to use on concrete, tile, steel, and stainless steel. GreenClean Alkaline Cleaner can be used on most hard surfaces.

OxiDate 2.0

OxiDate 2.0 kills bacterial and fungal pathogens, offering superior protection for field and row crops. Use OxiDate 2.0 for curative and preventative applications, or tank mix with other residual fungicides to help provide immediate knockdown control.


StorOx is a powerful contact chemistry that gives growers a sustainable tool to reduce disease pathogens on potato crops. StorOx works to reduce populations of dormant spores and active disease organisms.

SaniDate 5.0

SaniDate 5.0 is a sanitizer/disinfectant for use on food and non-food crop contact surfaces and packing houses. SaniDate 5.0 can also be used to sanitize and disinfect equipment. The peroxycompound chemistry in SaniDate 5.0 makes it broadly labeled and effective.

SaniDate 12.0

Use SaniDate 12.0 to control waterborne pathogens and prevent the spread of disease among crops in fruit and vegetable processing plants. SaniDate 12.0’s combination chemistry works on contact to destroy disease pathogens and their dormant spores.

SaniDate All Purpose Disinfectant

SaniDate All Purpose Disinfectant is an EPA-registered, antibacterial disinfectant, cleaner and deodorizer. Kills 99.9% of household bacteria.

SaniDate®FD PLUS

SaniDateFD PLUS is a peroxyacetic acid-based microbicide developed for use in federally inspected meat, poultry, and seafood processing facilities.


ZeroTol’s activated peroxide formula controls a wide range of bacterial and fungal diseases for both ornamental plants and turf. ZeroTol may be used as a stand-alone product or curative control or may be tank mixed with compatible fungicides and insecticides to enhance a preventive control program.

GC PRO® Oxidizer Treatment

Effectively and quickly reduce odors associated with hydrogen sulfide and other mercaptan volatile compounds found in wastewater.

GC PRO Oxidizer Treatment WP French SDS

GC PRO Oxidizer Treatment product shot