BioSafe Systems’ Zac Ricciardi Promoted to Cannabis Specialist


East Hartford, CT— As the industry grows and states create medicinal or recreational markets, Zac Ricciardi’s appointment as Cannabis Specialist will help fulfill the demand for BioSafe Systems’ clean chemistries and their renowned technical support. His years of hands-on experience with countless cannabis growers equip him with the skillset to refine IPM programs and develop facility and company-wide standard operating procedures to generate a cleaner and more profitable yield.

Using his extensive knowledge of production and plant health he continues to expand BioSafe Systems’ presence in the Cannabis industry, especially as Federal regulation within food safety parameters advance. Branching out from his current territory, Zac will work closely with growers and consultants and multi-state operators across the nation.

Zac Ricciardi joined the BioSafe Systems team with experience from ACW Supply in Denver, accrued years of growing knowledge and learned many of the inner workings of the industry, then applied that understanding to help other growers.

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