SaniDate® 15.0 for Postharvest Water Treatment

SaniDate® 15.0 for Postharvest Water Treatment

Sanitizer, Disinfectant
Peroxyacetic acid-based chemistry is designed to be a versatile solution in many agribusiness applications. This sanitizer/ disinfectant treats and controls spoilage-causing organisms, as well as human health pathogens. Whether it’s hard surface sanitation, postharvest wash water treatment, or irrigation systems and water treatment, SaniDate 15.0 is ideal for use throughout the production.
Wash water treatment

SaniDate 15.0 Postharvest Capabilities

  • SaniDate 15.0 works by oxidizing pathogens and bacteria on contact, then degrading into benign compounds that don’t harm the environment
  • Works on contact, no rinse necessary, and no harmful residues
  • Kills Escherichia coli O157:H7,  Salmonella enterica, and  Listeria monocytogenes*
  • Addresses food safety challenges like spoilage and water treatment
  • Compatible with MDS and BioSafe Systems Smart Technology