Intervention Dosing System

The BioChamber utilizes an integrated controller that monitors multiple intervention hurdles, including chillers, dips and spray cabinets, and makes real time adjustments to peracetic acid and caustic. BioSafe Systems has overcome issues associated with the inability of PAA probes to accurately measure peracetic acid in poultry process water by utilizing our proprietary BioChamber which reads both the pH and PAA levels and makes adjustments to maintain predetermined set points.


  • Fully automated dosing and monitoring system
  • Works in all ranges of pH environments
  • Provides multiple points of PAA and pH monitoring and adjustments
  • Provides real time data logging of analyses and adjustments
  • Integrated telemetry allows remote monitoring and control


  • Eliminates human error factors
  • Automated adjustment to both PAA and pH
  • Multiple reading and dosing adjustments per hour
  • Controls chemical cost by maintaining ppm and pH set points
  • Automated adjustments increase efficacy of PAA intervention treatments

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