OxyFusion® for Municipal and Wastewater

OxyFusion was developed to generate precise doses of PAA on-site to meet the disinfection needs of municipal wastewater treatment. This innovative technology is praised for its powerful oxidizing chemistry that eliminates pathogens on contact and leaves no harmful residual chemistries. OxyFusion arrives pre-assembled and can be customized and scaled to meet specified needs. The unit requires a water source, electricity, and stock solutions to generate PAA. OxyFusion tracks PAA levels in real time and contains a PLC system so adjustments can be made remotely from a mobile app or office computer. OxyFusion uses a cloud-based monitoring system to produce detailed reports for routine audits—it’s your data when you need it.

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BioSafe Systems Smart Technology

BioSafe Systems Smart Technology are cloud-based monitoring, dosing and peroxyacetic acid (PAA) manufacturing solutions that produce detailed reports for routine audits. Utilizing advanced dosing and cloud computing technology*, users can integrate appropriate amounts of PAA through their emitters and irrigation systems while accessing all relevant data in real time remotely via mobile app or browser.

*Smart Technology Systems utilize PLC system to enable data storing and remote accessibility features.

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