On-Demand PAA Generation

OxyFusion® for Municipal and Wastewater

Unlike traditional methods, this on-site, on-demand product allows customers to dose the exact amount and type of PAA needed for their application – no test strips or guesswork needed. OxyFusion and the BioChamber work in tandem to monitor PAA levels in real time. OxyFusion arrives pre-assembled as a turnkey solution; all that is needed is a water source, electricity, and stock solutions to generate PAA. The system can also be tied into a water line that feeds into a production point requiring disinfection/sanitation.

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BioSafe Systems Smart Technology

BioSafe Systems Smart Technology are cloud-based monitoring, dosing and peroxyacetic acid (PAA) manufacturing solutions that produce detailed reports for routine audits. Utilizing advanced dosing and cloud computing technology*, users can integrate appropriate amounts of PAA through their emitters and irrigation systems while accessing all relevant data in real time remotely via mobile app or browser.

*Smart Technology Systems utilize PLC system to enable data storing and remote accessibility features.

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