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EAST HARTFORD, CT – Once a year, Foodshare, Greater Hartford’s regional food bank, organizes a Turkey + Thirty campaign to encourage donations from the Greater Hartford community. The campaign holds multiple events across the state of Connecticut, in which donors can drop off their turkey and money donations. In years prior, the Turkey + Thirty event has generated thousands of turkey donations and has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars, which goes directly into feeding those in need in the state of Connecticut.

Annually, BioSafe Systems partners with Foodshare to help with their Turkey + Thirty drive. BioSafe Systems’ raises money and promotes the event to surrounding communities and businesses. This BioSafe Systems and Foodshare specific event is held at Goodwin College, where donors can drop off their donations. This year, Senator Saud Anwar and Representative Jeffery Currey were among the many individuals who attended the event.

“As a local, Connecticut based company, we are passionate about giving back to our community,” says Jonah Dorsey, Marketing Coordinator for BioSafe Systems. “We work with Foodshare because they make a very positive impact on so many lives in the state of Connecticut.”

BioSafe Systems raised over $3,910 for this year’s Turkey + Thirty event. This money contributed to the over $8,500 raised and 187 turkeys collected at Goodwin College. “Foodshare is unbelievable in their ability to do so much with what is donated,” Dorsey explains. “For every $10, Foodshare can provide meals to approximately 25 people. With Goodwin College’s event alone, Foodshare will be able to feed over 21,000 people, which is truly spectacular.”

In the several years they have participated in the Turkey + Thirty event, BioSafe Systems has been able to generate thousands of turkeys and tens of thousands of dollars in donations. “This is just the beginning,” explains Rob Larose, President and CEO of BioSafe Systems. “We are looking to continue our partnership with Foodshare and explore new ways in which we can increase community involvement. We believe that hunger is a very solvable issue in the state of Connecticut and with Foodshare, we can help accomplish this goal.”

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