Plant Pathology Team Keeps Growing with Sarah Budde Rodriguez, PhD

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EAST HARTFORD, CT — Starting in January, BioSafe Systems will add another Assistant Plant Pathologist to our research and development team, Dr. Sarah Budde Rodriguez. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology with double minors in chemistry and biotechnology from North Dakota State University.

She continued her education as an undergraduate research assistant working specifically with potato pathogens. She attended graduate school at NDSU under the advisement of Dr. Neil Gudmestad, a University Distinguished Emeritus Professor of Plant Pathology. Sarah earned her PhD at the beginning of this year and holds a post-doctorate position analyzing adult plant resistance in dry bean rust at the same university where she began.

Plant pathology is one of the many integral components of BioSafe Systems because our study of plant-disease interactions serves as one of the foundation stones in how our products are developed and implemented in the field. Plant pathology includes a detailed understanding of plant anatomy, intricacies of disease-causing organisms, and complexities of environmental stresses, which are essential factors in optimizing plant health by best management or biotic and abiotic factors. Given the variables in optimum plant health and crop protection are numerous and broad, the combined talent on our research and development team will be strengthened with the addition of Dr. Sarah Budde Rodriguez’s knowledge and experience, as a vital component to our success.

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