Preliminary Laboratory Results Indicate SaniDate® 5.0 is an Effective Virucide Against Human Coronavirus, Pending EPA Review

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EAST HARTFORD, CT — BioSafe Systems is pleased to announce preliminary results from a GLP efficacy study demonstrated that SaniDate 5.0 is an effective virucide against Human Coronavirus on hard, non-porous surfaces. SaniDate 5.0 met the performance requirements under the test conditions for virucidal efficacy as set by EPA. The efficacy study was conducted using SaniDate 5.0 at a rate of 1.0 fl. oz. per gallon with a 10-minute contact time, an application specifically designed to combat Human Coronavirus.

With these positive results, this virucidal study will be submitted to EPA for evaluation and approval as part of an expedited label amendment submission and will include a supplemental label. Once approved by EPA, this virus will be added to the product label in the United States and Canada, allowing the product to be included in the EPA List N-Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2 and the Health Canada Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) List.

The supplemental label will become available to those who have previously purchased SaniDate 5.0 and will be provided to BioSafe Systems’ distributors.

SaniDate 5.0 (EPA Reg. No. 70299-19) is a hydrogen peroxide and peroxyacetic acid-based sanitizer/disinfectant approved for a wide variety of use sites in a multitude of markets. SaniDate 5.0 controls human health pathogens, viruses, crop spoilage organisms, mold/mildew, algae, and fungi on contact.

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