BioFoamer® Foaming Agent

Produces a rich, thick foam for deep cleaning with great foam stability. Use BioFoamer Foaming Agent for porous and non-porous surface treatments where longer contact is needed. Great for vertical surfaces and irregular areas with nooks and crannies. Use the higher rate for a thicker, dryer foam.

Spray away!

Make applications easy with air-assisted foamers

The BioFoamer® operates on 40 — 70 PSI of compressed air and requires pre-mixed detergent solutions to create thick, long-lasting foam, ideal for use with ZeroTol® 2.0, SaniDate® 5.0, and OxiDate® 2.0. The BioFoamer unit will infuse these formulations into a thick foam, providing a visual cue for coverage and extended contact time.

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