GCPRO® Oxidizer Treatment

GCPRO® Oxidizer Treatment

Oxidizing Agent
GCPRO Oxidizer Treatment is the clear choice for treating hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, other malodors and oxidizable compounds. Its powerful, oxidizing formula also cleans organic residues and buildup without the pains and stains involved with the handling of other chemistries; making it the ideal alternative to potassium permanganate.
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Potassium Permanganate Making You Blue? Purple? Pink?

Why GCPRO Oxidizer Treatment?

Non-staining and easy to handle!

GCPRO Oxidizer Treatment presents no health hazards for applicators. Unlike older chemistries like potassium permanganate, GCPRO Oxidizer Treatment provides the same oxidizing power but its activated peroxide is clean and environmentally responsible. GCPRO Oxidizer Treatment begins working on contact.

GCPRO Oxidizer Treatment may be used for odor control as an alternative to harsh chemistries including potassium permanganate, chlorine, and equipment intensive options like thermal oxidation. Unlike enzymes and bacterial products, GCPRO Oxidizer Treatment is powerful and goes to work immediately.