What is StorOx 2.0's mode of action?

StorOx 2.0 uses an oxidation chemical reaction to kill bacteria, fungus, and molds. More specifically, StorOx 2.0 reacts on contact with the enzymes and proteins that make up simple cell plant pathogen organisms.

How should StorOx 2.0 be used?

StorOx 2.0 kills fungus, bacteria, and molds on contact, stopping infection in its tracks.

  • Cost effective preventative applications
  • Resistance management tool
  • Ideal tank mix partner for residual chemistries (see label for mixing instructions.)
  • General application rates for StorOx 2.0
    Application Type Frequency of Application Directions Direct Injection
    Water Treatment Maintain Residual
    Water treatment applications may be made through a chemical proportioning system.
    To verify residual levels in water, utilize BioSafe Systems Test Strip Kits.
    1:1,000 – 1:5,000
    Spray Bar Continuous Direct inject into water used for spray bar wash treatments. 1:100 – 1:500